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Tokio Hotel Icontest

Sister community of th_cult

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Tokio Hotel Icontest
Hello, and welcome to th_icontest. This community is a sister community to th_cult and is here simply to create some friendly competition between the talented icon makers we have at the cult. Although you don't have to be a member of the cult to join in the competition, it is preferable. Even if you are not an icon maker yourself, join anyway! There can never be too many voters.
1. All icons must be Tokio Hotel related.

2. Each member may submit up to two icons per week.

3. If your using a manip, please get the person who created its permission beforehand! And if its NC-17 it must be cleared by a mod first. There are young members in the cult, please try and remember that.

4. Don't vote for your own design, that's just sad. You may however tell your friends about the community and get them to vote, just don't tell them which icon is yours!

5. No bashing! Please be civilized. Any unkind behavior will not be tolerated. You will get a warning, followed by being banned.

6. Don't show anyone your design until after the voting for the week you submitted it to has ended. This includes posting it in your own graphic communities or using it as your display picture. People who do will be disqualified from that weeks competition if found out.

7. Please do not steal others designs and claim them as your own. This is a really horrible thing to do.

8. You can not submit an icon for competition more than once. Each icon you post must be a new design, an icon you have never used before, even in other icon communities.

9. Mods have the power to disqualify anyone from a round of competition that breaks these rules, or submits something that could hurt another person. This means anything from racism to manips of the boys in sexual situations being used. Use your brain, if you think it may hurt someone, don't submit it, or ask a mod first for their approval if you are unsure.
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