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Tokio Hotel Icontest
Sister community of th_cult
Week 17 - Casino - Voting 
8th-Apr-2008 02:17 am
Bill <3
So here are our lovely submissions for Week 17. To view and vote click


When voting you must vote for all categories that are listed, this week there will be two which are "Best Overall" and "Most Creative".

If you entered icons into the competition you can still vote, but please do not vote for yourself. If you do, this vote will not be counted and everyone may only vote once. The Votes will be tallied next Monday and winners announced same day. Usernames will not be placed with the icons during voting – only mods will know who made what, this is to keep things fair. When the winner is announced all icons will be paired up with the appropriate usernames so everyone will be able to see who made what.

Please cast your votes in a comment to this entry outlining clearly which icon you are voting for using the appropriate number and category. Comments are screened. You have until next Monday to get your votes in.

Voting Examples:

BO – 01
MC - 03

Best Overall - 02
Most Creative - 04
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