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Tokio Hotel Icontest
Sister community of th_cult
Week 17 - Casino 
31st-Mar-2008 11:48 pm
Audrey Kitching
Lets try and keep the submissions up guys!

Theme: Casino. So this week we are after icons made using photos from the casino photo shoot.

NOTE: If you do not have these photos I am currently uploading them to Sendspace. I will edit this entry when they have fully loaded so you can download them. The file is rather large though as there is 65 large HQ pictures. I originally got them from Tokio Hotel America, but the site has since taken them down. I have compressed the file using winRAR. If you have a problem with either sendspace or winRAR and you have no other way of getting hold of these photos but wish to participate just leave me a comment and I can upload them to a different server or re-upload them uncompressed when I have a free moment.


Have fun, and if your unsure about anything give us a yell.

Image size: 100x100

File size: 40KB or below

Format: jpg, gif, png

Due: Sunday 06 April

Please submit by commenting to this entry. Comments are screened. Use the following format:


Credits: *if you wish to credit someone put the username of the person whose stuff you used here, and what it was - eg texture by refuted*

Hope to see a lot of friendly competition.
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